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Add Event Info

Adding an event is simple, there are two steps.

Please review the information below to help you organize what you will need before you fill in the form.

Step One

Required: Category – select the category you want the event to appear in

Required: Title – what is the name of your event

Required: Address – where is your event being held – address, city, province (BC) and Postal Code if you know it. This allows for placing your event on the map

Required: Province – select British Columbia

Required: City – select from the drop box

Event Info: Regular Event or Recurring. (if recurring, will ask what day and how often eg: Wednesdays – Weekly

Required: Start Date – End Date. Select from calendar

Required: Start time and end time

Required: Event description – what is your event about

Optional: Registration fees – leave blank or fill it in

Optional: How to register – leave it blank or fill it in

Required: Image – a nice logo or pic adds to the appeal of your event listing

Optional: Video – YouTube link

Step Two

Create your account submission and submit.

That’s it, once submitted, we will review your submission then publish it.

Retain your account information and you can log in to add more events or edit the event you submitted.