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Helping Home Owners find Peace of Mind.

Builders Group Consulting aims to take the pressure off of homeowners who are considering any type of home renovation.

BuildersGroup Consulting - peace of mindFor example what steps would you take for a new kitchen, or bathroom. “We are a consulting Company that works with the homeowner to help them facilitate whatever project they have in mind,” says Owner John Denduyf. They will come in and review their project and guide them through what can be a daunting process of permits, design work, pricing and trades. BGC can help the homeowner make sound informed decisions about products they should consider, where to procure and what price should be paid.

Denduyf comments that, “BGC can give homeowners the assurance and knowledge that all aspects of their project has been carefully looked at and addressed. At BGC we realize that some people, will have a preferred trade or contractor, which is not an issue for us. We welcome the opportunity to work with them. If they do not have a preferred trade or contractor, BGC can recommend a complete list of trades that we have every confidence in. After 40 years of experience in this work we are confident that we can provide the right people for any project.”

Denduyf says that a key part of BGC is quality assurance. “Over the years I have seen people who asked and paid for 3 inches of asphalt on their driveway and only got 2 inches—people who thought the plumber had a permit and he didn’t. We will schedule a series of review that are agreed to by the trade, the homeowner and BGC. This will ensure the work is up to code, done in an acceptable manner and the agreed work is complete. Too many times I have seen people pay for incomplete or substandard work and not be able to correct it, as the trade has been paid in full.”

“We are not a general contractor, our expertise is in facilitating the work on behalf of the homeowner. At BGC we advocate for the homeowner, and provide them with an extra set of eyes and ears on the ground so to speak.” says Denduyf. “We ensure their project is done to their expectations with the least amount of stress.

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